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9 Ways to Reduce Flatulence Naturally (Pffrrt! Braap!)

We all know that pesky flatulence can be a tad embarrassing at times. Learn nutrition tips to reduce the amount of gas you produce.

9 Ways to Reduce Flatulence Naturally (Pffrrt! Braap!)

Gas is a natural byproduct of our normal digestive process, and Flatulence is the act of passing-gas.

When we eat or drink, gas builds up in our intestines after breaking down food or from swallowed air, then it's released through mouths, noses and bottoms! 

A gas buildup can get uncomfortable if it isn't passed. And remember those embarrassing moments you accidentally passed gas at an inconvenient time? (pffrrt) Thanks a lot, digestive process!

But in seriousness, excessive gas buildup can be problematic and frustrating to deal with, especially if due to a health condition, a digestive sensitivity, or from medication usage. 

So let's take more of a look at gas and flatulence with ways we can try to reduce the amount the body produces (if needed).  

What is Gas made of?

Gas is a mix of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and methane gas.

The average person passes gas between 14 to 23 times a day. The average volume of gas we produce is about 1 litre each day. That's quite impressive!

Causes of Flatulence

Flatulence can be caused by many factors, including eating too quickly, eating certain foods, or drinking carbonated drinks. 

It can also be caused by swallowing too much air from chewing gum, or smoking.

A number of gastrointestinal health conditions can also cause excessive Flatulence like Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Coeliac Disease, or Food Intolerances. 

9 Ways to help Reduce Flatulence

Here are 9 tips that you can try for reducing Flatulence and making gas that comes with it less⁠— let's say⁠—aromatic.

1) Drink Plenty of Fluids

Drinking water can help keep your digestive system moving along so that any extra gas or air from your intestines keeps moving too. And it'll help hydrate you.

2) Cut down on Beans and Cabbage 

Compounds in beans and cabbage can increase gas production and contribute to its smell. If you're experiencing Flatulence, see how you go cut back on these temporarily. If you're a bean lover, it can also help to rinse your beans thoroughly after cooking (dried beans) or draining (canned beans) to reduce the amount of gas-producing oligosaccharides.

3) Enjoy Foods Rich in Probiotics

Foods rich in probiotics contain live bacteria to support healthy gut flora in the intestines and promote a healthy gut balance. Enjoy fermented foods like yogurt, kefir or sauerkraut regularly. 

4) Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks like soda, or beer, are fizzy, so can cause extra gas and bloating when consumed.

5) Chew Less Gum 

Chewing Gum can increase the amount of air you swallow. Gum also often contains sorbitol which can worsen gas production and bloating.

6) Eat smaller, more Frequent Meals 

Breaking meals down into say six smaller meals as opposed to 3 large meals can help reduce the amount of gas your body produces after each meal. 

7) Enjoy some Ginger Tea

Ginger is excellent for digestion and may help to reduce Flatulence.  

8) Eat Slowly, and Chew Food Well

Slowing down your eating can help reduce the amount of air you swallow! 

9) Try a Gentle Walk after a Meal

Keeping your body and digestion moving might help reduce gas buildup in your gut. 

When to Seek Advice

If you've noticed other symptoms along with Flatulence. For example, weight loss, pain in your stomach or rectum, stool containing blood, change in stool consistency, nausea or vomiting, get advice from your health professional. 





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