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I Did a Down-to-Earth Review of Milo— Here's What I Found! 

Milo is a popular chocolate malt drink in Australia. Read more to find out if Milo is worth the hype.

Drinking a hot cup of Milo

When I was looking at my pantry for fun foods to review for today's article, I saw our huge (largest size you can buy) tin of Milo staring back at me. So why not! Let's take Milo for a spin and see what we find out about it. 

A heads up: This post is not sponsored and is entirely biased based on my love of chocolaty Milo! 

What is Milo?

Milo is a chocolate malt drink that was first introduced in 1934 during the great depression. It was created by Nestlé and named after the Greek athlete Milo of Crotona. Milo powder is made from malt, cocoa powder, sugar, and milk solids.

Interestingly, Nestlé aimed to make the drink tasty for children and budget-friendly, which was needed at this time. 

A Nutritional Boosting Drink

You can see how Nestlé achieved their goal with Milo. I don't know too many people who don't enjoy Milo—me included. I have fond memories of heaping half a glass of Milo and squeezing in some milk to make a chocolate paste-like drink.

Milo also contains malt extract, a natural source of B-vitamins, including B12. Milo powders can also help contribute some Vitamin D, Iron, Calcium and Protein to our diets, especially if enjoyed with milk or plant-based milk as recommended by Nestlé. 

A Milo for Everybody

In reviewing this article, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Milo has expanded its product range to include other Milo drink varieties. This includes Plant-Based Milo, where they've replaced the milk powder to make it perfect for Vegan and Vegetarian eaters. I love this product because it offers another source of Vitamin B12, essential in Plant-based diets!

Milo or Nestlé, the makers of Milo, seem to have listened and responded well to community needs when it comes to Milo. They also have Milo Xtra and a Milo with 30% less sugar, using stevia as a replacement. 

Ways to Enjoy Milo

The kids and I are pretty classic about how we consume Milo. 

I drink it cold (that way, I can eat the chocolate from the top) simply with milk + Milo. After dinner, I'll often have a glass of cold Milo as a chocolate substitute to satisfy my after-dinner sweet tooth. 

But other ways to enjoy it include:

A Warm Milo Drink

Heat some milk and stir in the Milo for a melted chocolaty warm drink. 

A Smoothie with Milo Added

If you like a little chocolaty touch, try a berry and Milo smoothie! 

Milo in Baked Goods

I haven't done this per se, but there is some fun looking recipes online that use Milo. Why not give one a try.

Fun Milo Memories

I have many happy memories relating to drinking Milo. 

It was hard to get our hands on Milo when we lived overseas. A friend of mine (conveniently a flight attendant) used to pack a large tin of Milo in her carry-on bag to bring to us! If she didn't have time to buy it beforehand, she would bring her own family's supply instead—now, that's a good friend!

What's your favourite Milo memory? 


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