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I tried Cola Kombucha, and Here's What I Thought

I tried Cola Kombucha, and Here's What I Thought is a review of the new flavour of kombucha by Lo Bros Living Drinks

Holding a bottle of Cola Kombucha by Lo Bros Living Drinks

I remember when Kombucha first came under my radar, about 8 years ago, at the time I almost felt dubious that it was a bit of a fad. 

In saying that, Kombucha, a fermented tea, has been around for centuries. It is made by adding sugar to black tea and a culture of bacteria and yeast called a "kombucha mother" to the tea mixture. The kombucha mother is a ball of yeast and bacteria that floats on the liquid in the jar. The sugar in the mix ferments into alcohol, which gives Kombucha its fizzy quality.

The Unexpected Cola Kombucha Flavour

Last week, I wandered through the supermarket, checking out new and exciting products I like to do, when I came across Cola Kombucha by Lo Bros Living Drinks! I thought, 

"What an unexpected flavour." 

Cola, to me, was always a pretty sweet drink, and I usually associate Kombucha with more tangy or tart undertones. So home it came for taste testing! 

Cola Kombucha by Lo Bros Living Drinks at the Supermarket

Kombucha Health Claims

In recent years, many claims have been made about the health benefits of Kombucha, with some people claiming it can cure cancer and other serious illnesses. However, there have not been rigorous scientific studies confirming these claims, and more research is needed before we can say what effects Kombucha has on our health. 

But what I really like about Kombucha is that it offers a refreshing alternative to wine, and it's not overly sweet. I'll often enjoy a glass midweek. I'll even pour it into a wine glass as it just feels a little more indulgent for some strange reason.  

Cola Kombucha, the verdict! 

Impressed! I liked it. I'd veered away from cola drinks because they were too sweet for my personal taste, and I'd feel more thirsty after drinking them.

But the Cola Kombucha being fermented means that the sugars in the drink have been used, leaving the Cola flavour with a hint of sweet and refreshing bubbles. I was suitably impressed. Lo Bros were on the ball when they came up with this flavour! 

How much Kombucha is okay to drink? 

There are subtle differences in enjoying Kombucha compared to other carbonated drinks. Due to the fermentation process, there may be a small quantity of alcohol remaining, so just something to consider if you need to avoid it.

The bacteria and yeast are what give Kombucha its probiotic benefits. Some people suggest limiting yourself to one or two glasses per day because too much may cause digestive discomfort like gas or bloating. This is personal and I always suggest checking in with what feels right for you. But overall it's a great alternative when you're feeling like drinking something a bit different!


Do you enjoy Kombucha? What's your favourite flavour? Mine is apple, and now cola!! 


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