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5 Great No-Diet Nutrition Blogs to Follow Written by Dietitians

If you’re trying to improve your relationship with food and your body and looking for some good resources that won't preach some magic diet or low-calorie eating, then these five blogs written by dietitians are for you.

5 Great No-Diet Nutrition Blogs to Follow Written by Dietitians

A No-Diet Dietitian is a health professional who doesn't promote dieting or weight loss. They are also called Health At Every Size (HAES) Dietitians.

People can be on many different types of diets to help manage specific health conditions, like Coeliac Disease requires a lifetime avoidance of gluten-containing foods, for example.

However, the main goal of these diets is not to lose weight. A no-diet dietitian does not believe in weight loss as being a driver behind good health and instead focuses on teaching people to eat intuitively and find peace with their bodies.

Why is it vital to not advocate for dieting?

Dieting culture is not inclusive because it doesn't accept people of different sizes and shapes. The diet culture promotes a very narrow and damaging definition of what a healthy body should look like, leading to weight stigma.

Weight stigma is when people are discriminated against based on their body size or shape. Weight stigma can lead to mental health issues, such as depression, eating disorders, and anxiety.

3 Benefits of a No-Diet Dietitian Blog

  1. No-diet dietitians are not focused on weight loss. They are focused on health and wellbeing.
  2. You will learn how to eat out without feeling guilty or regretful afterwards because you know it's not a "cheat day."
  3. It's a great way to start your day by reading something inspiring and uplifting

What are some Great No-Diet Blogs to Follow?

The best no diet blogs are not only about food. They are about life. They are about being happy, and they're about showing you that it's possible to enjoy food without dieting or food guilt. Here are some favorites:

Body Confident Nutrition

In Body Confident Nutrition, Melissa is a non-diet dietitian in the Ballarat area and writes about tips and ways to help improve your relationship with food, food guilt and emotional eating. Reading the blog is like having a one-on-one conversation with Melissa, as I found myself nodding along in agreement.

The blog covers what it's like to work with a non-diet dietitian, which is excellent if you'd like to think about one-on-one consultations to help improve your relationship with your body, food, and nutrition.

Love What You Eat

Love what you Eat is based in Melbourne and is run by Dietitians Kerri and Zoe. This blog is centered around intuitive eating and food intolerance and aims to help clients establish a positive relationship with their food and body. I love that this blog is nice and vibrant, with great images covering hot topics and misconceptions regarding food and nutrition. Love what you eat is a great resource if you what some good food and diet myth-busting!

Feel Good Eating

Feel Good Eating is created by non-diet dietitian Nina Mills in Melbourne. Nina's blog centers around its title-Feeling good about what you're eating. This blog includes a specialised focus on PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), no-diet nutrition, and eating disorders.

Dancers Don't Diet

What a fantastic nutrition resource and service for the dance community! With diet culture so rife among dance. Dancers Don't Diet has extensive resources and links to support inclusivity in the dance stage, information about eating disorders, and services to support. 

Fumi and her team offer an invaluable resource and service if you have a young dancer. Dancers Don't Diet is also very active in the Social Media space, which is perfect for younger audiences.


Nourish & Treat

And then there's little us. Nourish and Treat is an editorial blog created by me that aims to bring lots of fun and quick and handy tips for food and nutrition for all sorts of situations. But you won't find us talking about weight loss or restrictive dieting. That's not our jam [get it? Jam…. lol].

Do you have a non-diet nutrition blog that should be featured here? Let us know, and we'll add it in! 


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